Monday, 6 July 2009

Reader's Block

It's terrible, I've developed a new condition, no not swine 'flu~ it is far more serious than that. I've got Reader's Block.

Over the past few days I've visited the library, haunted bookshops, been visited by a laden down postman and raided my own shelves but despite having lots of books to chose from I can't find anything to settle down with.

I've started lots of books, I think at last count I had 6 partly read, but not one of them has held my attention.

I hope that this doesn't last too long as there are plenty of people out there who will testify just how grouchy this state of affairs can make me.


  1. When this happens to me, and it does, I abandon all efforts to read a book that is waiting my review, or on the to be read pile, and I turn to an old favourite that I have ead dozens of times, it can be Austen, Dickens or Agatha Christie or Frances Hodgson Burnett, doesn't matter. I find every time I do this that suddenly things click into place and I can start a new book. I think the little grey cells need a rest every now and then and to relax and enjoy the familiar. try it and see

  2. Without knowing it I followed this advice and read my way through some old favourites (Gwendoline Courtney and Claire Malory) and lo and behold I re-found my enthusiasm and haven't looked back!