Saturday, 15 August 2009

Right and wrong?

Evil? - Timothy Carter

This book was delivered earlier this week, and to be honest I had forgotten that I'd ordered it. To celebrate my new job I went on a little bit of a book buying spree. The books have been trickling in slowly and I guess I must have read a review somewhere to highlight this one. Once it arrived it instantly went to the top of my to read pile.

Stuart is growing up in a small community in Canada, as a whole the town is pretty religious but open minded and when Stu found the courage to announce his sexuality he was accepted fully. However there are now less benign leaders in the community and while homosexuality is tolerated other 'sins' become crimes and hatred, violence and persecution follow.

Stuart meets some true friends in the course of his journey and whilst never preaching this book has a lot to say about many things, especially tolerance and taking things at face value.

This book is not perfect, I've read the last two chapters a couple of times now and I am still a little hazy on exactly what happened, but as whole I think that this book is an important addition to the young adult market and I hope that it finds a UK publisher very very soon. It is one of those rare books that could easily be used in schools to make many valid points whilst at the same time be interesting to young adults.

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