Sunday, 27 September 2009

70 Years On

Kisses on a Postcard - Terence Frisby

I've read a lot about this book in various places and I've been waiting for my library reservation to arrive for a couple of weeks. What better way to spend the weekend - curled up savouring a long awaited book.

It didn't quite work out like that. This book was so good I tore through it, there was no savouring to be had!

What drew me to this one was that Terence Frisby acknowledges that nearly 70 years on there is no way that he can remember everything accurately but that this is the memoir as he remembers it.

Terence and his brother were very lucky in that they struck gold with their foster parents, many didn't. This is a happy memoir and even the sad occurrences are threaded with humour.

I think that what I liked most was how the narrative is all linked together with train and railway anecdotes. Not only did it help the reader travel through the book it was a nice way for Terence to remain in touch with his parents back in Kent, as Dad was an essential railway worker.

I did want to savour this book but I couldn't. I do now want my own copy to add to an already large collection of books about the Second World War.

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