Monday, 16 August 2010

Non Fiction

After last weekend's teen fiction binge I've been reading a lot of non fiction. Some of it in preparation for the Banned Book event at work, who knew that there was so much censorship of the printed word in this country right up until the late 1950s?

As light relief I've been reading the wonderful history of the Girl Guides in wartime.

I was an enthusiastic, if inept, Brownie from the age of 7 but was only a guide for about a year. The company I joined was not very active and I got very bored at meetings. There was also the small issue of Church Parade...

This history of the Guiding Movement is fantastic, it doesn't just feature the British movement but really emphasises the importance of Guiding world-wide, and the bravery of Guides, especially in occupied countries.

I really want to savour this book and make it last as long as I can, but sadly there is a waiting list on my library book and I shall have to return it far sooner than I'd like.

I've read many books, fiction and non, about the two world wars but this book is really bringing something new to the social history of the era. If you were a Guide, wanted to be one or if you scoff at the idea this book has something for you and will amuse, move and educate all while you are having a wonderful read.

And no there are no photos of me in the 1980s Brownie uniform - sorry.

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