Sunday, 3 October 2010

Manuals and Ancient Literature

I have to confess that I haven't been reading a lot of fiction recently. I recently dusted off my camera and have been forcing Mr Bookworm to drive me around Norfolk and Suffolk so that I can get my hand (and my eye) back in.

We've been quite lucky with the the weather during my weekends off and I've had great fun taking loads and loads (and loads) of pictures and then spending my days off editing them.

I will sort myself out with a proper Flicker stream soon as I have taken some pictures that I am quite proud of and would like to share with more people.

However I am trying to get to grips with some new photo editing software so I am working my way through a lot of manuals. I think that I must work better being shown how to do things as I keep looking at the books and managing the very basic editing 'bits' but the stuff I want to do is beyond me at the moment. I'm hoping to persuade my dad to teach me more in a couple of weeks (not that he knows this unless he's reading this post!).

Mr Bookworm and I are also off to Cambridge to see Agamemnon in a couple of weeks, as the play is going to be in ancient Greek I am trying to get a head by reading the play in English before this. However people keep mentioning other classical works I might like and I have been side tracked into the Lysistrata (one of the Banned Books for our evening on Tuesday) and Ovid (abhorred by the first Bishop of Norwich as I discovered during a fascinating talk by a colleague)
Focus is what I need and not just that which is found through my camera!

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