Saturday, 13 November 2010

Dear Diary

I love reading books in letter or diary form. I'm far too dull and lazy to keep my own diary but the format is one that I adore in literature.

I'm not fussed if the diaries are fictitious (Adrian Mole), real (Anne Frank) or edited like the Mass Observation projects I am just drawn to the format. I wonder if it is the nosiness coming through again. It feels 'naughty' to be reading a diary and perhaps this heightens my enjoyment.

It is the same with reading books comprised of letters, although here I think that it is often that you only get one view point in this style of book (84 Charing Cross Road) and so you have to use your imagination that appeals.

I have a horrible feeling that the real reason is that is makes the 'chapters' short and the books easy to dip in and out of, and this brings me back to the reason I don't keep a diary - I'm lazy!

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