Monday, 22 August 2011

Theatrical Interlude 14 (reprise)

Much Ado About Nothing, Globe Theatre, August 2011

I saw this earlier in the year with Mr Norfolkbookworm but seeing it again with friends was no hardship at all.

It turned out to be quite a different experience due to the wonderful English weather. The forecast wasn't great but we had hoped that the weather was going to hold off until after the performance.

We were very lucky, we had great seats, Row A in the Lower Gallery and as there was no wind we did stay dry, unlike the poor groundlings and actors.

The play was as funny on second viewing as it was earlier in the year and this time had the added bonus of the actors ad libbing weather related lines into the script - Benedick whistling 'Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head' whilst standing at the edge of the stage was wonderfully amusing, probably down to his facial expressions.

I did feel sorry for the actors however, as any sitting or laying moments of the play must have been very uncomfortable with rain pouring down as well as being on the wet ground. I can't imagine that the Tudor costumes are that comfortable when dry let alone when drenched by an August downpour.

The one dampener (!) on the day was indirectly caused by the weather - at times it was hard to hear the actors due to the noise the rain was making as it hit the waterproof coats worn by the groundlings.

On the whole the weather didn't matter too much, and the Globe is fast becoming one of my favourite venues (especially since I found out about the back rests!)

A sneak picture taken just before the start of the play, if you look top let you can see the rain.


  1. I haven't made it to the Globe yet, even though I keep promising myself that I will. I'm blaming the weather...

  2. I loved this production! I was lucky enough to see it when the weather was really good, so although I didn't get any of the brillian adlibs, I stayed dry! I thought Eve Best and Charles Edwards were magnificent! :)

  3. Being seated meant we stayed dry so that was okay, I really admired the Groundlings' tenacity that day.
    I already can't wait for the Globe to announce their 2012 season.