Friday, 11 March 2011

World Book Night Challenge update

I suppose that it is all a bit passe now - after all WBN was nearly a week ago - however I do still have 3 book reviews to go and a quick update on my progress.

I finished the 25th book at 11.20pm on Saturday 5th March.

Since the 25 titles were announced I have read 22 of the novels. 1 I gave up with over half way through (Beloved), one I am still slowly reading (A Fine Balance) and one I didn't reread (Blind Assassin).

I will post my thoughts and reviews of the last three books - Agent Zigzag, Half of a Yellow Sun and Fingersmith - in the next few days, along with a final post on my thoughts of the whole project and a list of the books in the order that I most liked them.

Then I will go back to reading whatever and whenever I feel like it.

Mr Bookworm and I have had a lovely week away - we've done nothing but eat, sleep and read - 15 books in 7 days isn't too excessive is it?

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