Thursday, 2 February 2012

Best laid plans

This was supposed to be a review of the first piece of theatre I plan on seeing in 2012 - oh well plans are nice!

I think that the trip was doomed from the start as the tickets never arrived (company I ordered them with were great and had arranged for them to be at the box office for me).

Today I awoke to the news that there had been a fire next to the rail track which had melted the over head power cables - no trains and no alternative route that could guarantee I could get there on time. Added to that the worry about how I'd get home afterwards. The train company hopes there will be trains but also suggested a new route. This alternative would mean the two carriage cross country train would be holding the equivalent of two intercity trains - no thanks!

Amazon have the play script available for the Kindle, I shall stay in the warm this afternoon and read the play instead. Not quite the same is it....

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