Monday, 30 September 2013

Everyone was tweeting about...

Stoner by John Williams

Rediscovered classics are a weakness of mine and over the summer everyone seemed to be tweeting about Stoner and so I was looking forward to reading this on holiday.

It was another book that didn't disappoint although it is one of those books that it is hard to sum up for in a way the fact that not a lot happens is the point of the book.

It is well written, detailed and a real snapshot into academic life from the first half of the twentieth century but at the same time it is quite bleak and not what could be called an uplifting book.  None of the characters are entirely nice or easy to engage with but the story is so realistic that I found it to be a real page turner.

I'm very pleased I read the book, I will look out for more of William's novels but I'll know that they are books to read when I am in a calm, relaxed, happy state of mind otherwise I can see that the realistic settings could depress me.

This is a book I recommend but to whom I am not 100% certain!

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