Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Theatrical Interlude 1

Hairspray (Theatre Royal, Norwich) February 2011

In addition to my reading challenges for the year I am also making more of an effort to see more films and theatre this year.

I live in a city that was a close runner up for the 2013 City of Culture, and only 2 hours from London, and so this year I plan on deciding what to see at the cinema and theatre and then booking the tickets and going, rather than humming and then missing out on everything.

To this end I've seen, and loved, The King's Speech at the cinema already, plus a local am-dram performance.

Last night I went to see the touring production of Hairspray. It was fabulous. I only knew two of the songs in advance, and didn't have a clue about the plot. I'm probably one of the few people who hasn't seen either film version.

None of that mattered from the moment the curtain went up to the very end I found it brilliant, the story was easy to follow, the songs toe tappingly good and the acting and dancing outstanding.
I have 2 left feet (occasionally it feels like 3 left feet I am so clumsy and accident prone) but after seeing this I want to learn to dance.

All I can say is a big thank you to a colleague who came at the last minute when Mr Norfolkbookworm decided that it wasn't his thing at all, seeing a play/musical/show with someone who is enjoying it is so much more fun!

I walked to work listening to the soundtrack this morning and it was so bouncy and cheerful that it took me 5 minutes less than normal to get there!
Next up is Wicked! with another friend/colleague - I can't wait.

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