Wednesday, 2 February 2011

World Book Night Challenge 9/25

Rachel's Holiday - Marian Keyes

This is pure chick-lit indulgence and for me was another re-read. I haven't read any Marian Keyes for a while as I found her books started to become very samey but it was a pleasure to go back to this one.

Rachel is Irish but living in New York when she accidentally takes a drug overdose. Concerned friends and family think that she has an addiction problem and she comes home to Ireland and is checked into a rehab clinic. Rachel denies that she has a problem and the rest of the book is her coming to terms with her life, her family and her future.

It all sounds a little bleak but there is a lot of humour in the novel and it becomes more poignant when you read more of Keyes' non-fiction and realise that many of the things Rachel experiences Keyes' went through too as she is a recovering alcoholic.

I think that this is quite a brave book to put on the World Book Night list, it is unashamedly aimed at women, is quite dark and is hugely long at 640 pages.
However the story is good and while all the characters have problems you really do want them to win through, even if you don't always like them. I'm glad I reread the book and I might look out for more books by Keyes next time I am going on a beach holiday, I had forgotten how good she was.

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