Sunday, 20 February 2011

Theatrical Interlude 2

Wicked (Apollo Victoria, London) February 2011

I read the novel that this musical is based on many years ago and really wasn't impressed, then about 2 years ago I heard the a couple of songs from the musical on some television programme or another and was hooked. Since then I've listened to the full sound track many times and looked forward to seeing the stage version.

It didn't disappoint at all. Even before the curtain rises the theatre feels magical, bathed in green light with a set that creeps out from behind the curtain.

The costumes, sets and choreography are all mind blowing and the voices of the actors equally impressive. Every word of every song or piece of dialogue was audible and at no point did the orchestra drown anyone out.

An understudy, not even credited in the programme, was playing the role of Elpheba when we saw the show but you'd never have known, and in fact I have seen the current lead actress in another musical and found her native accent very off putting so I was pleased in many ways that she wasn't on stage!

There was not a thing to criticise about the performance.

The audience on the other hand drove me to distraction. If you can't sit still and be quiet for just over an hour at a time then don't go to the theatre! Also I know that there were a lack of loos at the theatre but it is just plain rude to leave during the last song of each act just to beat the queues. Grrr.

These were minor distractions and I'd go and see the show again like a shot.

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