Thursday, 10 February 2011

World Book Night Challenge 13/25

Killing Floor - Lee Child

Lee Child came to give a talk at the Library last April and he was a very nice guy. He was entertaining and when he read from his books he really sold them to me. In short this was a book that I'd never normally even look at but when I saw it was on the list I was pleased.

Oh dear. I really must stop having these expectations. I came very close to not finishing this one, and to physically throwing it across the room in disgust. Friends said it would be fine to give up - after all I'd read over 200 pages, but Mr Norfolkbookworm pointed out that it would mean I'd fail the whole challenge if I gave up.

The book doesn't have a sentence with more than 15 words in it. The only punctuation appears to be the full stop. It is like being shouted at. Some sentences don't have verbs. The violent scenes (eye gouging, throat slitting...) had the longest sentences and these made my stomach turn. I also spotted the 'twist' as soon as the character appeared. The sex scenes are certainly contenders for the bad sex award.

I'm not normally so negative about books but I can't say I'm glad I read this one, in fact I think that it ranks very close to being one of the worst books I've finished of all time. I'd rather read a Mills and Boon novel than another Lee Child book. Which is a shame as he was a nice guy and when he read from his books they sounded okay.

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