Thursday, 24 February 2011

World Book Night Enthusiam

World Book Night on a reading level has been great fun so far but from a work point of view a little more stressful.

Organising such a huge project must be a nightmare if just working out how the library is going to celebrate is anything to go by.

However today everything seems to have fallen in to place. People are coming in to collect their books and our big event is organised.

On March 5th Ben MacIntyre, author of one of the 25 books chosen for the World Book Night give away, will be at the Norfolk and Norwich Millennium Library giving a talk.
Details can be found here.
There will also be live music and best of all a book-swap, this is your chance to give out (and receive) all of the lovely WBN titles.
The library will also be open as normal with lots of other readings suggestions, March is the library service Great Big Read month and there are dozens of shiny new books to chose from.

I also got confirmation today that I will be receiving 48 copies of a book to give out and best of all this will be my first choice of All Quiet on the Western Front. This will be one of the books swapped on the 5th...

Enough excitement for one day - back to the reading!

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