Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A Monster

Another confession here. This was a book of which I barely even knew the plot before I started it. Oh and I only thought I should read it because I am going to see it at the theatre. All I knew was that Frankenstein wasn't the monster...

Even once I'd got a copy of this, and had it recommended it to me by several people I avoided reading it. All part of my mental block about classic novels - I'm always convinced that they will be too hard for me.

I am glad that I listened to friends and read the book, I found it so hard to put down once I'd started and swallowed it up in a weekend, and I've made Mr Bookworm read it!

However my main thought after reading it was that although human Frankenstein is the monster in this tale. I found nothing in his character to like (something of a theme to my reading so far this year!) and all of my sympathy went to the monster and Victor's family, Victor himself deserved a far worse outcome than he got.

I'm not going to look out for any film versions of this but I am very intrigued about the stage production - is the play going to be changed so much that I find myself in sympathy with Victor despite my feelings after reading the original? I guess I'll just have to be patient but I am so pleased that I read the book and broke my duck on classic novels.

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