Wednesday, 26 January 2011

World Book Night Challenge 7/25

The World's Wife - Carol Ann Duffy

I approached this second poetry volume on the list with not quite as much trepidation as the first and I'm not sure if this paid off or if more of the poems appealed to me.

I'd not read any Duffy before this and apart from being aware that she is the current poet laureate I knew nothing about her works at all. Like I said a few posts ago I really do tend to avoid poetry.

I liked about half of the poems in this collection. I think it is that the subject matter was so much clearer. They are all poems either about or supposedly by the 'wives' of famous male historical characters. There is a lot of humour in many of the poems and I defy anyone not to snigger at Mrs Darwin's very short poem.

Since reading the book I have read a little more about Duffy and I think that I might even try a few more of her poems. These poems at least seem to have a very strong feminist ideal coming through and I liked both enjoying the poems and seeing the meaning behind them.

So there we are - World Book Night has made me read books I really would normally have avoided like the plague and enjoy them.

Who knows maybe this year I *will* like Doctor Who!

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