Saturday, 22 January 2011

World Book Night Challenge 6/25

Toast - Nigel Slater

Thanks to the adaptation of this book being shown on UK television over the Christmas period there was a huge waiting list on this book at the library so I decided to read the Kindle version of this, making it one of the first contemporary books I've read solely on my iPhone.

I'd read this book before, shortly after it first came out and I remembered it being an enjoyable read but nothing really stuck in my mind apart from that.

Re-reading was a pleasure, Slater is quite a brave celebrity in many way as he holds nothing back in this book - even if it doesn't paint him in a very favourable or savoury light.

The book is split in to many short chapters most taking food stuffs from the 1960s and 1970s for chapter headers and this format really seemed to work when reading on a mobile device and also had me craving delights such as arctic roll, walnut whips and angel delight. So much for the diet in 2011!

This was a pleasant diversion, it isn't going to be a book for everyone. I was never a teenage boy so I don't know how accurate bits of the memoir are but it is going to be too 'dirty' for some and Slater's treatment of his step-mother are callous to say the least.
I enjoyed the book partly because I am nosy and like autobiographies and partly because I like a lot of Nigel Slater's recipes, however without it being on the World Book Night list I probably wouldn't have reread it.

The one thing I did get from the re-read is that reading whole books on my phone is possible, that it wasn't awkward and that it didn't give me a headache. The one downside was how much quicker it drained the battery!

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