Saturday, 15 January 2011

World Book Night Challenge 5/25

New Selected Poems 1966-1987 - Seamus Heaney

This is one of the books I was dreading reading for the challenge. I never read poetry through choice and I think that I can count the number of poems I like on my fingers. It is a running joke in the family that the BBC radio programme Poetry Please is known as Poetry No Thanks!

I can't say that I liked many of the poems, and there were dozens that I really didn't understand - I am sure that there was a meaning in there somewhere but it eluded me. However the two of three that I like made reading the book worthwhile, and I now don't dread the other poetry book on the list half as much.

Another book that I'm pleased I read but it didn't convert me to liking poetry and I won't be searching out more works by Heaney. I might however be a little slower in switching the radio off though.

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