Tuesday, 4 January 2011

World Book Night challenge 2/25

One Day - David Nicholls

A lot of people I know are either reading this, or have just finished it and that did influence my choice to read it next as they all seemed so positive about it. I've also been wanting to read it since hearing snippets on book at bedtime a few months ago.

I loved the idea, two people finally get together on their graduation night at uni, realise that their lives are about to diverge and so keep in touch rather than swearing to be together for all eternity at that point. As a reader we get to eavesdrop on their lives on the same date as their graduation every year for the next 20 or so years.

Being so episodic works well in many ways as it is fast paced and the plot never has time to drag but for me it felt like I couldn't get to know the characters at all. I found that I liked neither of the main characters nor any of the supporting cast, and the ending struck me as pretty predictable and obviously the only way that the book could end.

I think that I might have read this book at the wrong time. With hindsight it is obviously a holiday read, a piece of chick lit for both sexes, but as I had had so many personal recommendations and as it has won so many rave reviews I think I was expecting something more.

It has won all manner of accolades and will make a great World Book Night read as it is a book that should appeal to men and women, it just didn't quite do it for me - perhaps I am too hard hearted and don't have any romance in my soul at all...

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