Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Hopefully on the mend

Unlike the weather here in Norfolk at the moment I am definitely starting to feel better. Reading and computer use still aren't the easiest things sadly but I have managed to read a full novel  which feels a huge leap forward. I can also manage some time on a laptop now.

What has been interesting for me throughout this whole process is that I've not lost the ability to read. After the cerebral hemorrhage and blood clot I just lost the concentration and stamina to manage novels. Not being able to remember what has happened from one chapter to the next has been incredibly frustrating, and even now I am on the mend it is definitely lighter novels that I am managing and enjoying without frustration.

During the past couple of months short stories and essays have been my life line and here's where I want to really praise the eBook catalogue from Norfolk Libraries.  I've been able to try dozens of new things, all for free, and as they are electronic I have been able to change the font size/background colour as needed on a daily basis. 

As for physical books I have become far more aware than ever before about the fonts and sizes chosen by publishers - and so many interesting books have been rejected (for now) just because I physically couldn't read them due to these factors.
The subject of ePublishing hit the news a few weeks ago with this story from a leading publisher, however after all my experiences all I can do is sing their praises, as this rebuttal also did. There is also the weight issue of a physical book compared to an eReader or tablet, especially when you aren't feeling your best.

Here's hoping that the next few weeks will see me almost back to usual and back to full reading strength - my list of books I want to read is now taller than me!