Wednesday, 15 July 2009

End of an era

Confessions of Georgia Nicholson - Louise Rennison.

I'm feeling a bit sad today as another series I've read from the beginning comes to an end.

There is nothing highbrow in the tomes by Rennison, in fact often there isn't even a plot! They are just incredibly funny diaries featuring Georgia, her mad family, her loopy friends and her disastrous love life. Plus of course there is Angus. Her cat who is mostly Scottish wild cat rather than cute moggy.

These books aren't my usual thing at all, and they really won't appeal to everyone. However as a female who went to an all girls school and had a mad group of friends there are certainly elements that I can identify with. I do think that we were more studious and less boy mad though, although that could just be distance lending enchantment.

Each book doesn't take too long to read, you'll probably get infuriated with the characters but I think you will laugh out loud at least once during each book.

The real draw about these books is that Louise Rennison says they are very much based on her real life and it is nice to know that some one as messed up as Georgia can become as successful and funny as Rennison.

The photo of Ms Rennison was taken when she visited Norwich in 2007 as part of the Evening News/Waterstone's Children's Book Festival.

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