Saturday, 29 January 2011


I've been quite open and honest about my enthusiasm for the whole eReader phenomenon and the experience of reading on either an iPhone or a dedicated device.

However the BeBook and the iPhone haven't been without their problems. To upload books to the BeBook you have to plug everything together in a very specific order otherwise Adobe doesn't recognise it and several times it appears that books have downloaded correctly but simply won't open. The screen is also a little small and unresponsive when you try to change the orientation.

On my iPhone I have three different programmes for reading eBooks - Stanza, Kindle and iBooks. All are great in their way but the problem here is the small size of the device, the screen is so small and I read so fast that I am constantly turning the page. This, and holding such a small object was actually starting to cause me some pain in my wrists.

So last week, when tired after a hectic work schedule and lots of events, I succumbed and treated myself to a Kindle. I got the Wifi and 3g compatible model and already, less than a week into owning it, I love it more than the other 2 devices.

It is light, easy to use, I can create book shelves easily and downloading reasonably priced books from Amazon is so easy I am going to have to be very restrained so as not to build up a huge credit card bill.

It isn't perfect - Kindles are not compatible with the library eBook catalogue, and Amazon have no plans at all to make this happen. Also although it advertises web browsing this is clumsy and clunky when compared to a iPhone say.

However the eInk technology has improved a huge amount since we got the BeBook, the page turns are smooth and flicker free, images are much clearer and better still there are so many options for type style, font, line spacing and orientation.

I'm sure the love will wear off soon, but right now with another holiday planned and a limited luggage allowance I can't wait to fill it with books I've been meaning to read.
People keep asking me why I went for this and not an iPad and the simple answer is cost, if someone gave me an iPad I'd be really happy but they are still so expensive I wouldn't feel comfortable travelling with one for fear I'd damage it. Also it is still quite large whereas my Kindle, even in a case, is about the size of a normal paperback.

As for the BeBook I think my sister and Mr Bookworm are fighting over that and I know who my money's on!

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  1. Good choice!
    Love my Kindle - fantastic to take loads of books to NZ and still stay within the luggage allowance.
    I was torn between this and a Samsung Galaxy Tab (cheaper than ipad, slightly smaller than ipad but still the best part of £500 to carry around).
    What about touch screen? Kindle isn't (bet the next one is) - but that keeps it cheap and that mattered for me! The free internet browsing etc. is I think really just anything to get you to think ooh, book, and download it as a moment's notice, it'll be interesting to see how long it lasts.
    Worth trying TXTR and Aldiko apps too - which apparently can read adobe DRM.