Saturday, 12 March 2011

World Book Night Challenge 25/25

Agent Zigzag - Ben Macintyre

I decided to read this book last in the challenge for 3 reasons:

1)Mr Bookworm also wanted to read it so saving it for holiday made sense.
2)Mr Macintyre was the guest at the library's World Book Night celebrations and as I couldn't be there on the night I thought I would make sure I was there in spirit
3)I loved Operation Mincemeat and hoped that this would be as good.

All three reasons were perfectly sound and this made a nice way to end my challenge reading. It was an interesting tale well told. Lots of detail but never so much that the story is lost. I think it helped that there was a lot of local setting in the book.

Even after reading the whole book I don't know which side Eddie Chapman was on - and to be honest I'm not sure that he knew either.

The story was, for me , not quite as fascinating as that told in Operation Mincemeat but I loved it none the less.
It was a gripping spy tale about a fascinating man and I will rush to read anything else that Macintyre writes - in fact I wonder if my dad still has a copy of In A Foreign Field that I can borrow...

A great book to end the challenge

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