Thursday, 26 September 2013

Reading around the play

Wars of the Roses: Stormbird by Conn Iggulden

Earlier in the year I had my mad but thoroughly enjoyable day at The Globe watching the three Henry VI plays all in one day. The day was great and the plays have stayed with me since the viewing but they did make me realise just how little English history I know.

When Net Galley offered advance copies of Iggulden's new book I had everything crossed that I'd be allowed to download it ready for my holiday as it covers the exact period of the plays. I know from having heard Iggulden speak about his other books that he researches thoroughly and that I'd come away knowing a lot more accurate history of Henry VI's reign than that given by Shakespeare in his plays!

From the start I was thoroughly involved in the plots, deceptions and politics of the time and found I could see everything that was happening - books that play visually as I read them don't happen that often and those that do are often the books that become my favourites.

Iggulden doesn't create black and white characters, all of those in the book have shades of grey to them even if they are the traditional good/bad guys.

My one problem with this book is that because I read an early copy of this book I am going to have to wait even longer for the next instalment.

Conn Iggulden is coming to Norwich very soon to talk about and sign copies of this book - sadly I am working but it will be a great evening if you can make it.

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