Sunday, 2 February 2014

Time travel

Silent Night by Jack Sheffield.

After finishing two essays for my MA I needed some fun, light relief and NetGalley came to my rescue with the latest installment of Jack Sheffield's tales of a Yorkshire school.

These books are my real guilty pleasure and I'm happy to report that even now we are on the eighth installment of the saga the quality hasn't dropped off at all.  Headmaster Jack Sheffield is very happy in his role as headmaster of the Ragley school and all of the familiar characters appear.  Sinking into the book is like wrapping yourself in a big blanket and travelling back in time.

The 'action' covers the academic year 1984-1985, when I was 7/8. I remember some of the events talked about and love reading about this time frame from another view point.  The day of the LiveAid concert for instance was also our fete day which felt another lovely connection to the story.

As ever there is a small cliff-hanger at the end of the book, not so scary that you're worried about the outcome but just teasing enough to make me desperate for book nine already.

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