Friday, 26 December 2014

Bookaday December

The monthly book challenge continued though into December in two formats so as everyone gets busy at this time of year I picked the shorter one! I am guessing that the organisers think (hope) that after this we'll all be reading our new books!

1st: Iconic first line?
So many of these but I do love "Christmas won't be Christmas without any presents" from Alcott's Little Women.

2nd:Last Read?
On the 2nd this was actually the new novel Impossible! by Michelle Magorian. This connected to several of her other books and has the theatre of the 1950s as a plot line and especially the theatre at Stratford East and Joan Littlewood which was apt after seeing one of her plays at that venue this year!

3rd: On my Christmas list?
I'm far too naughty for this and I have just ordered the books I want myself as I can't even wait the 3 weeks until Christmas to read them. #NoSelfControl
4th: For chilly nights?
I like books set in warm places when I am cold but for me it is the location of reading on cold days/nights that is important. Ideally it would be in front of an open fire but failing that wrapped up and all cosy in a fluffy duvet with a heated wheat bag.

5th: Quintessentially British?
That opens a whole can of worms as to what is British but I think I'll pick the Famous Five books by Enid Blyton
6th: Everyone should read?
That's hard as no book is going to appeal to all readers but I know I've shared The President's Hat to lots of people all of whom have enjoyed it - including a couple of non-readers.

7th: Childhood favourite?
Oh - so many. Little Women, Little House on the Prairie, Heidi, Black Beauty,WIndsong Summer..

8th It's a mystery?
Not my favourite genre at all but I really enjoyed Gone Girl recently.

9th: I judged this by its cover?

Sorry - so many of the physical books I pick up are influenced by cover, I do think that I'd avoid the Harry Potter books as a new reader now as I don't like their covers.

10th: Latest purchase?
That will be three new books from Girl's Gone By - a new Chalet School fill-in, and two new (to me) books by Phyllis Mathewman.

11th: Christmas classic?
Reading The Night Before Christmas to my nephew has happened the past few years, but I won't see him on Christmas Eve this year.  I often re-read a few of the Christmassy Chalet School books.

12th:Book of poems?
I don't have many just poetry books but I do have an illustrated collection of WW1 poems and several versions of Shakespeare's sonnets.

13th: Stocking filler?
I think that the Simon's Cat books are great but as a rule I'm not a fan of stocking filler books as you tend to read them once and then donate to charity.

14th: Read at school?
Many childhood favourites were read while I was at school, in class I remember a teacher reading Stig of the Dump but I don't recall us getting to the end!

15th: Favourite colour cover?
What an odd question - I guess I'll turn this around and say I'm not that keen on bright pink books, but even then I'll give them a go if the content looks good!

16th: For someone I love?
I buy my nephew books all of the time and can't say no when he asks for or even mentions a book.  I recommend lots of books to Mr Norfolkbookworm too.

17th: Funny read?
Comedic books are funny as they are often only funny in the right context and they don't always age well, but I do always smile when I read the Duck books by Jez Alborough.

18th: Massive tome?
I used to pick books by width when I visited the library as a child!  I think that Birds Without Wings fits here.
19th: Travelling home - reading this?
Anything I like from my shelves as we are celebrating Christmas in our own home this year.  In general though I travel everywhere with my Kindle so I don't run short of reading material!

20th: Set where I live?
Lots of books are set in Norfolk, but I think one of the best is Coot Club as even 70+ years after it was written you can still make the same journey as describe in it!

21st:To be read?
Far, far, far too many but it is essay time and I am bogged down in research!

22nd: Favourite festive scene?
The bit towards the end of 101 Dalmations in the church is very nice.

23rd: The best present?
Unlimited time and money to spend in bookshops and no guilt for doing either!

24th:For Father Christmas?
A travel guide to somewhere warm where he can relax for a few weeks after his busy season!

25th:Under the tree?
Book tokens to allow a huge binge in the new year!

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