Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Theatre 2014: Review Forty-One

The Snowman (ballet). The Peacock Theatre, London. December 2014.

Due to the pressures of Christmas, work and uni deadlines I didn't manage to get a review for this in before the end of the year, and indeed before I'd seen my first piece of theatre for 2015!

The magic of this show was so great in 2013 that my sister and I decided that a return was needed with my nephew and mum - who should have seen it the first time around but was too poorly.

We're pleased to say that the magic doesn't go away, every moment is just as good on a second viewing and as ever it was the response of both my mum and nephew that made it just that bit more special. It will take mum a long time to live down the audible sob that she gave as the Snowman and Boy first fly to the sounds of We're walking in the air.  What was also interesting was listening to my nephew talk about the show - last year he was a little bored/scared of the fighting scene between Jack Frost and the snowmen but this time it was his favourite bit.

Me? I loved it all and already can't decide if a viewing in December 2015 will spoil or increase the magic.

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